Intent: Art, Design, Creativity, and Motive

Many have pondered the eternal question, What is art? There have been some definitive answers but still, there is not a widely accepted definition. So much of what is created is made with so different medium that it becomes much more than paint or music. So too, have things been reflected, copied, collected, curated, and remixed to the point that it is nearly impossible to tell what is truly art.

I am more interested in the question of Why is art? What is it in us that guides our creativity, where do the inclinations originate? It might seem that we are guided by a divine navigation that tells us which way to go. Yet and still, it could be argued that we are reacting to deep emotional and psychological movements that arise in our work. Even further, we have those that have take creativity to the professional level and must conjure up things on a client demand basis.

The question begs of course, Is this art?, but also we ask how is it conceived when is not of our own inspiration. In the world of commerce that we live in it has become common place for artists not only to sell their literal productions but also their concepts and abilities as well. When paired with consumer products this art is known to us as advertisements, but is it not also art?

There is then the perspective of craft against art, and furthermore, design. To me, the separating factory happens to be intent, but I am not sure. So this month we will investigate this through discussion with artists, curators, art dealers, designers, agents, and craftspeople.  We will discover these answers collectively and begin to clarify these notions and where they are held in our community.

Prepare for inspiration citizens,

-Maceo Paisley-




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