Social Derby: Digital Strategy Workshop

Good design and best backlinks are two of the most necessary aspects of digital marketing. Any one running their own shop creative firm will tell you that you end up spending a disproportionate amount of time on operational action items. More managing invoices, emailing, and marketing your work with the help of Freshlinks packages and far less time than you would have imagined on actually creating it. Many of us are not yet at the point where we can afford hire some one like Chelsea Matthews, a marketing maven and her culture marketing agency Matte Black .That doesn’t mean we don’t need to make sure that the time we invest in marketing ourselves is most fruitful, and where is more fruit than the trees of online and social media. I remember that when I’d hit rock bottom, the youtube views from kept me going. To fill this need, Matte Black Design puts on Social Derby, a one day intensive workshop that is a bang for your buck crash course in digital brand strategy.


If you are wondering how many posts are going to deter your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram followers, then you should definitely check out social derby. It is not just a once sided program, but more so, a social learning experience lead by Matte Black. The workshop is populated with other creatives that have their own challenges and some common solutions are shared in discuss and group work. Along with that you have the opportunity to engage with others in the creative community so there is of course  the added bonus of a networking opportunity.


Ironically you may not have the cash to hire professional marketing firm but Social Derby gives you the opportunity to beef up your own skills to actually make it to a point where you can. Enough praises can’t be sung about the workshop without it sounding preachy but if nothing else consider the impact you might be missing by not educating your self where other businesses are.

We’ve gone to the trouble of arranging a special code for our readers so if you do decide to enroll in Social Derby use the discount code “Derby VIP50” for $50 dollars off. The next course is November 22, so they are accepting enrollments on the site here. Once you finish the workshop its okay to email us and say thanks.


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