Stephanie St.Claire: Experience is Bliss

Life throws you punches and you either learn to take a punch, or move out of the way. Other times you have to swing back, and other times you just dust yourself off and keep going. With her blonde locks and bright smile, you wouldn’t necessarily imagine Stephanie to be a fighter, but she is. After coming out of divorce, job change, moving cross country, she stands a center ring holding a belt up high like a champion. Some might say it is a miracle, the inspirational guidance coach, Stephanie St. Claire would say it was seven of them.

We caught wind of Stephanie’s website just like everyone else. She create a post, 11 things I wish I knew before I started my business, that was shared on Facebook. It was insightful and informative information for anyone stepping out into the unknown world of entrepreneurship. The post had not only hit our page but it had hit the pages of thousands of other Facebookers and was one of the most read posts on The irony was that upon gazing at Stephanie’s site,, we find that she is not an entrepreneurship blogger at all. Her topics range but tend to center around relationship, spirituality, self-healing, and only seldom does she mention business. She isn’t a marketer or MBA. Her knowledge comes from experience.

IMG_5553 grew out of Stephanie’s own need to find strength and rebuild herself. After coming into single parenthood she travelled to NY for work and sharpened her teeth in the tough city. A pivotal moment for her was completing the Landmark education series and continuing to work with the organization afterward. This created the foundation for the guidance and transformational work she does now. Her business mind comes from a place that is not driven by profit but an ability to see what needs to be done and the drive to move towards it. It is not without bumps but over the last 3 years St. Claire has created a model that allows her to sustain a lively hood and now spreads those principles in her work.

She focuses on relationship and gender issues often but when ask she says, “I don’t see my self as pro-woman, I am pro-human.”

This business article has gotten her attention from many people that were not seeking her typical content and she understands that there may be some attrition. “I first tried to stay within the “life coach” box and I stalled creatively, I created the Blissbombed manifesto and I try to stay true to that instead” say Stephanie in response to giving people what they want when they come to the site.

She maintains that at the core of her service is a desire to not only be true to herself but to guide people into new paths to happiness.


She’s up at 5 every morning, spends 3 hours reading, has an insane, schedule, just like a prize fighter, and at the top of her pink website you will see a crown. Stephanie St. Claire is championing her own life and ushering others into a place where they can champion their own. That is more than a fighter, that is a leader.

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  1. And we at Explorey Stories like to emphasize the saint in Stephanie’s name. She embodies the genuine and she lives with exuberance–an absolute joy of a human.

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