Entertainment VS Education

We all consume different kinds of content for different reasons but while we ask what is worth preserving Citizens Of Culture has become curious about the kind of content we consume the most.


After a long day you are mentally exhausted and just need to decompress. So you put on Real Husbands of Hollywood or your favorite Disney Movie and you zone out for a few hours. It does nothing for your brain except feeds it relatively meaningless flashes of imagery and bright colors providing you with a much needed break.

The downside is that you may find yourself on the other side of a weekend and wonder why you weren’t able to catch up on your errands or balance your personal finances like you had planned.

There is an informational tape worm in your head. You wake up to TED talks and are on a constant quest for inspiration. When people look at your Facebook timeline they post after post about  the government, science, and art. Aside from varied tastes you also have the brain stamina to constantly be processing.

Only problem is that you have no idea about the current cultural memes and it alienates you from some social circles.

This isn’t a question of preference, it is an honest look at what you actually spend more time consuming and the implied rhetorical question of why.

Answer the survey and leave comments at the bottom of the page to join the dialogue.



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  • SilverSpoon1 says:

    Educational. I think information is free in many ways, I never went to college so consuming tons of documentaries and speeches keeps me informed on a lot of things I was never formally educated on.

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