House Party For Hire

People are constantly criticizing the Los Angeles, night life scene. It is tough to have a good time when the bars close so early and so many of the clubs are driven by bottle service and status symbols, valets, and D-list celebs.

Everybody knows that the best place to have fun is a house party, no limits, valet, and not bull crap.

House Party For Hire is an a la carte house party experience.

We are creating REAL dance parties where people can come and break dance or salsa, or  swing, and even twerk. ( NO REALLY)
It is about celebration of life and each other, of course there will be spirits to keep our joints loose and our courage high along with masterful known and unknown DJ’s mashing up nights with different tastes of music to keep you aroused physically and mentally.

Come dressed in comfortable clothes and ready to move, or meet someone new.

Party isn’t over until the sunrises or when the cops shut us down.



email:  SUBJECT: H4h for more information details.




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