Breakdown: Social Work

Co-op spaces are the new trend in Los Angeles, but for some reason you still find a ton of people sitting in coffee shops.

That’s because as nice as these communal office spaces are, we don’t go there to really be bothered with the people in there.

Social Work is literally about spending time with awesome people in a casual environment where no one is going to be tracking how much time you spend on the wifi between purchases.

Bring your laptop, notes or other project and a smile, sit, surf, laugh, and get your work done. Sit at the bar and eat a sandwich while you listen to intermittent chatter.

Things tend to liven up in short bursts but  it is really an environment for people to zone into what they are doing and not be so lonely.


Every  Wednesday  10a – 7pm at SHLTR

1610 W 7th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90017

email: SUBJECT: Social Work for more information.


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