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Earlier this year we shared Four Ways Your Darkest Moment Could Be The Beginning Of Your Life Change, where Mark Bowness shares break through message of “suicide to success.” It was in through the process of trying to take his own life that he was able to see potential for a better future. Mark spends his time sharing that moment of awakening with others. The experience showed him with the fragility of life, that you only live once but it also empowered him.

At 26 years of age Mark had reached a respectable level in his community. He had received a degree in theology, was volunteering with his church and had founded a non-profit organization, taking people to Africa. He had gotten married and was living the life that he thought he was supposed to. But when his marriage became unhealthy he felt pressure to maintain his role and the image he had created in his community.  Behind his divorce he lost his business and status within his Christian community and his business along with it.  Mark explains, “The floor boards of sanity in my mind just crumbled, and when you start operating at that level anything is possible.”

Mark saw a future he did not want to walk into, and he thought suicide was his escape route. Supported by a life of alcohol and escape, he took a bunch of pills and drank until he passed out. After waking up in the hospital everything had changed. He now had an amazing platform to create and come up with new ideas. No matter the risk , the pain of the future could not have been as bad as what he was going through at the time. It was almost necessary to experience that break down to move towards breakthrough.

With a renewed perception of what was possible Bowness leased a remote island in Fiji and created his own tribe with people that signed up online. The idea spawned created a show that aired in UK, Australia, and US. 3 months after trying to end his life he had created a new one. Having been at rock bottom and taken the path to success he felt the need to share his experience and has so created the Life Change Revolution program.

8 years ago, right around Christmas, Mark had set his New Year’s resolution to take control and change his life. Through study, Mark realized 80% percent of people give up on their New Years resolution for three main reasons.  1. They only try to change one aspect of their life, without reinforcing that change in other areas. 2. People often lack the techniques to be successful in those areas. 3. We often do not have a passionate community to support the life change we want to create.
By gathering 31 personal transformation professionals Mark has created New Years Revolution, an e-book, and online community that supports life change and is free to engage.

Participants are encouraged to read one chapter per day of the, 31 chapter, e-book in January. After the first month, New Years Revolutionaries can follow up via webinar with the experts and engage with each other via the online community.
With the Life Change Revolution and New Year’s Revolution Mark aims to help people realize their real value and create a supportive community around doing so.

At a point when he was at rock bottom, he felt there was no other resort except to end his life. Being in such a desperate state propels you sometimes to find solutions that you had never considered. In this case Mark was led to the idea of suicide, this is not to be taken lightly. It seems that as he opened his mind to the idea of killing himself, other ideas came into consideration as well. The thought that came to Mark is one we all must consider in these moments of despair.  If we have the power end our own lives, then don’t we also have the power to change them?


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