Best.Music.Of.2013: Thee Deffery Awards

2013 may have been one of the most interesting and jarring years in music that I can remember. The bar has been raised and lowered so many times and by so many people in so many ways. A song drops maybe every 15 minutes online these days so it’s hard to keep up. That’s why I’m here to give you thee full tour of everything that you might have slept on or been in love with all along. I haven’t heard everything so feel free to share, comment, and debate all of this.

OKAY word let’s go ….. Lists!

We ALL love lists. We love to hate them and we love to debate them. I decided in the tradition of one of my favorite TV shows of all time “The Office” which had the annual The Dundey Awards I would have my own and call them “The Deffery’s”. At any point you have no idea who any of these ppl are I will have their names highlighted and your browers will be blessed with links


…. And Thee Deffery Award(s) Go To (Insert thee Drummm rollllll from Spottieottiedopaliscious):


Albums of Thee Year:

1. Toro y Moi – Anything In Return :: Toro was in rare form on this entire album. It felt like a combination of every record he has released thus far. There could have been 10 singles off of this record. “Rose Quartz” stood out and sounds like if there was such a thing as  a song sounding like you are watching a stop motion time lapse of a flower blossoming this would be that song. “Say That” is the smoothest synth work your ears will ever hear. The drums alone on “So Many Details” tell a story within themselves. This is a record about a musician in a relationship. What this record shows is growth. Every song was arranged brilliantly and it wasn’t scared to take it’s time. The album was as colorful as it’s cover. There was a never bad time to play this record. 2013-01-14-toroymoi_jpg_630x640_q85



2. Kanye West -Yeezus :: You either loved or hated this album. Raw and unapologetic Yeezus had to be thee MOST jarring and talked about mainstream hip hop release this year no matter what your overall verdict was you knew what you were listening to was interesting and like all great art left you feeling some type of way word to Rich Homie Quan. I still to this day have never heard a song more wildly awesome as “Black Skinhead” or as blunt “New Slaves”. “Send It Up” slaps so hard it sounds like elephants are stomping through your speakers. “Blood On The Leaves” finds a way to clash about 3 genres on top of each other and some how I just found myself wanting to understand it and being that it was short I listened to it more than even I want to admit.kanye-west-yeezus


3. James Blake – OverGrown :: James out Blakes himself all over this one. “Retrograde” alone is of the best songs of the year or that I’ve ever heard in my lifetime. Try not to feel every word of this song in your whole existence. His music captures emotions for you that maybe you’ll never felt before or forgot how to feel them. “Life Round Here” has thee most splendid loop of chords your ears may ever be privy to. He flexes even when you isn’t singing as a producer he even samples Oukast legend Big Boi on a PURE unorthodox banger “Everyday I Ran”  . This album is a feeling. Best album to listen to by yourself of the year hands up or down.James-Blake-Overgrown


4. Drake – Nothing Was The Same – Drake pretty much Pootytang’ed and took his belt off on  mainstream rap this year. He became undeniable, and this album was the front to back proof. Honesty was the key ingredient to this album. Whether he was addressing and motivating his family on “Too Much” or acknowledging the distance between himself and Nikki Minaj on the intro “Tuscan Leather” (which is like like 4 intro’s rolled into one), these songs felt like a well written open diary. It was all over the spectrum from the intense bravado  “Worst Behavior”  where he sounds like your crazy drunk uncle talking smack but he really means it to the very moody “From Time”. It’s a thoughtful and refreshing record.



5. Disclosure – Settle :: At only 21 and 18 brothers Guy and Howard have slayed everyone in the lectronic music world this year. This entire masterpiece feels like dance floor therapy. Thee amazing thing about this album is that no matter where or when you played it it turned it’s surroundings into a dance floor. It took you to another place. that place is like club scene from an episode of Misfits!  “January” as my favorite song on the record and is arranged to perfection while “When The Fire Starts To Burn” is a religious experience. Listen to this record!





Best Music Video of Thee Year:

1. Bob Dylan – Like A Rolling Stone  (This is soooo tight it can’t even be viewed on this site click HERE to watch)

2. Jay-Z – Picasso Baby

3. Atoms 4 Peace – Before Your Very Eyes


4. Fiona Apple – Hot Knife


5. Tyler The Creator – IFHY


(6) Honorable Mention : Kanye West-  New Slaves (Live projection seen around the world for one night only.)



Best Album’s w/o words of thee Year:

1. Insightful – Elsewhere



2. Sango – North




3. Burial – Rival Dealer



4. Flying Lotus – Ideas + drafts + loops


5.  Sophie – BIPP





Best Non Major Label Releases

1. Jai Paul – Jai Paul



2. Kelela – Cut 4 Me


3. Rhye – Woman


4. Thundercat – Apocalypse


5. Khari Mateen – Qualia : Fall




Best Album Title of Thee Year

Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra – Fuck Off Get Free, We Pour Light On Everything.


Best album cover art of thee year:

1. Paul McCartney – New


2. Tyler the Creator – WOLF





3. Fort Romeau – Stay / True



4. Sky Ferreira – Night Time, My Time



5. Bowie – The Next Day

Best Albums I heard were REALLY good and I wished I made thee time to fully all thee way through Listen 2 This Year:

1. Vampire Weekend – Modern Vampires of The City ( I loved thee singles and EVERYONE top of thee year says it was great but didn’t burn me a copy… What’s that all about?)

2. DannyBrown – Old (Dear self, why haven’t you heard this album? I hate thee artwork. That’s no excuse.)

3. Childish Gambino – Because The Internet (Everything I have heard from this record has actually been DOPE, I’m really really surprised… Still haven’t sat down w/ it though)

3. Beyonce – Beyonce (I love thee marketing aspect of this release but me watching 17 look how perfect I am video’s? Aint nobody got time for that.)

4.  Chance The Rapper – Acid Rap (I’m sure I’d like this record but idk I wasn’t one of those guys that bought Creative Rec’s when they first dropped either soooo I will wait till thee hype chills down some.)

(6) Lil B – 05 Fucck Em (101 song mixtape by thee Based God himself released on Xmas Eve how rare is that??!?!?)



Albums I am Most Excited To Hear In 2014

1. Metronomy – Love Letters

2.Whatever Andre 3k and Gnarls Barkley are working on.

3. J*Davey – P*O*M*P

4. Def Sound – ∆∆∆’s.of.Neon. (I made it and I still feel like I don’t know how it sounds yet, but I’m excited to hear it)

5. Zack Sekoff – Home Party (You don’t even KNOW!)


See you guys in 2014 .




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