The Body: Fitness, Athleticism, and Movement

Today is the un-official first day of the year. Its the day when millions of people are getting in gear with the new years resolutions. The gyms are all packed and we all know why.
The time of being physically fit has finally come, so make sure to know the rules and information of how to start here in Its time to burn off all that holiday egg nog, turkey and stuffing, its time to change your life, its time to start working on your beach body. What I find interesting is that we focus so heavily on what our bodies look like, and so little on what they can do.

I have noticed that of all the people I train with, some of them are business people, others are computer programmers, but very few beyond the dancers would call themselves creatives. There is something underlying in the culture of the creative world, and specifically in LA. If you are below a certain age, in many cases it seems that you may be resting on your genes to keep you in shape. If you are an actor or performer, then what you look like is inherently part of your job. But do you work out to keep your body fit and in good condition, or primarily to look good?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but only you know what you feel like in the morning, or after you have come up a few flights of stairs. This month I want to dissect the culture of our bodies. We’ll be highlighting people and places that are impacting the fitness sphere in unconventional ways and checking in on what drives our perspectives about health and the body.This is peak season for the fitness industry but you don’t need much more than you learned in P.E. class to maintain moderate health. Push-ups , sit ups, jumping-jacks and walking would go a long way if you did them daily. I wonder why we feel it so important to shell out cash to professional trainers. In many ways I think is has more to do with hiring a person to keep us in line and motivate us than it has to do with getting us the best results. So we’ll talk about what our fitness goals are and where they come from.

How does your personality type affect your level of fitness? How does your level of fitness effect your income? Every facet of our lives is connected just as in our culture every industry is connected. If we are focused only on one aim, can we really achieve the results we want? How are those results achieved differently by athletes, and what exactly is an athlete? We routinely come against obstacles and one of the clearest ones is our own selves, how can we hope to have any control over our environment if we do not have control of our bodies. Our mind drives the vehicle of our body and some times we find ourselves afraid of what is under the hood.

By now it is a norm to hear that we need to be active but we are always busy, aren’t we? We are always moving but how can we impact the condition of our bodies by changing the way we think about our movements, and even how we think about not moving.

Stick with us all month as we discuss, analyze, and report, we have dancers, triathletes, yogis, and meditation practitioners as well.
I think Morpheus put it best in The Matrix when he said “The body cannot live without the mind.”

And I would argue the opposite is correct as well.

-Maceo Paisley



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  • Envisioning fashion’s idea of beautiful you likely aren’t picturing bulging rippling muscles on the female frame. Those that go into that industry likely align with those ideas of beauty and wouldn’t pursue modes of keeping fit that yield an opposite aesthetic look. Given that example, it’s hard to say if it’s applied/perceived culture that dictate the physique one aims for is it the lifestyle that comes with a chosen profession. In the fashion example is it that thin and “lean” is the desired look or rather that you’re often so busy you don’t have time to eat and so stressed you absolutely must smoke a cigarette to get through the project and thus achieve the industry look. I want to say that as people we tend to align ourselves with those that think the same way we do.

    On a separate tangent, I do feel that those that are more fit have a greater likelihood of making more money. This is my reasoning. If you are remaining active (let’s say exercising 5 days/week for 30 minutes each time) you will be less stressed. With decrease stress comes the ability to be happier. With happiness comes the ability to be more productive and enjoyable to be around. With increased productivity and likability comes the opportunity for advancement in growth in typical business-oriented careers. As I am stream of conscious writing this I just came to the conclusion that….maybe this is why often don’t associate the creative types with being athletes. Interested in seeing where this goes throughout the course of the month.

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