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  1. E.J.

    Envisioning fashion’s idea of beautiful you likely aren’t picturing bulging rippling muscles on the female frame. Those that go into that industry likely align with those ideas of beauty and wouldn’t pursue modes of keeping fit that yield an opposite aesthetic look. Given that example, it’s hard to say if it’s applied/perceived culture that dictate the physique one aims for is it the lifestyle that comes with a chosen profession. In the fashion example is it that thin and “lean” is the desired look or rather that you’re often so busy you don’t have time to eat and so stressed you absolutely must smoke a cigarette to get through the project and thus achieve the industry look. I want to say that as people we tend to align ourselves with those that think the same way we do.

    On a separate tangent, I do feel that those that are more fit have a greater likelihood of making more money. This is my reasoning. If you are remaining active (let’s say exercising 5 days/week for 30 minutes each time) you will be less stressed. With decrease stress comes the ability to be happier. With happiness comes the ability to be more productive and enjoyable to be around. With increased productivity and likability comes the opportunity for advancement in growth in typical business-oriented careers. As I am stream of conscious writing this I just came to the conclusion that….maybe this is why often don’t associate the creative types with being athletes. Interested in seeing where this goes throughout the course of the month.

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