Psalm Isadora: Reinvention

Over the past 30 years we’ve seen yoga go from the obscure to the overwhelming. There are so many yoga professionals and options it has become an industry of its own. Especially with all of the resources at our disposal here in Los Angeles one the of the biggest things that set them all apart is the people. Psalm Isadora is a yoga teacher at Marianne Wells Yoga School, author and woman’s empowerment leader . Before Psalm found yoga, she was thirty pounds overweight and suffering from depression and anxiety. After ending up in an emergency room, she realized that if she didn’t change her life, she would die. She’s since changed the way she lives and gives people the tools to change theirs. We got to visit Psalm at her home in Venice and capture her morning routine.


Psalm’s Morning (in her own words):

1. Wake up, open my eyes and look into my beautiful yard. My first thought is always a feeling of happiness to have a home after so many years being a wandering gypsy on the road.

2. My mind begins to turn with thoughts of all the work and projects that I need to do.

3. I lay on my back, put one hand on my belly and one hand on my heart and breath deeply.

4. I try not to do anything for 5 minutes, just breath and keep my mind free of thoughts.

5. I begin to visualize the outcomes I want for my projects

6. Stretch, get up and rule my queendom for another day!


Psalm practices her method, Primal Core Yoga that taps into the Kundalini she has learned from her many trips to India. It is a sequence that accesses breathing in the pelvic core, translated for daily use , it awakens creativity in the body and mind. Her credo is that “Empowerment is an inside job.” and offers programs that build the foundation for empowerment and sensuality. Along with her other programs she guides retreats to India to visit temples, explore tantric festivals and be immersed experiencing the birthplace of yoga. Her next project is a 21 Day Primal Core Boot Camp beginning January 13th. It is a three week course that ignites power, purification, and bliss.

For breakfast, she will often make a smoothie, with blueberries, almond milk, vegan protein powder, and stevia sweetener. 20-30 minutes after her eyes open, Psalm has her goals in the forefront of her mind and is ready to accomplish them. She addresses emails and prepares for the day’s business for a couple hours before showering and heading out the door to meet with clients and teach classes.


To contact Psalm or for more information about her 21 Day Primal Core Boot Camp head to her website

Good Morning!

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