Jenna Phillips: Mission Ready

Jenna Phillips is a professional butt-kicker. She is a certified personal trainer and holistic lifestyle coach. Personal passion is contagious and Jenna spreads it every where she goes. I’m On A Mission, is a total well ness company dedicated to helping people find their own mission in life and get them in shape to complete it. She is no stranger to adversity and is committed to facilitation the transformation of people’s lives.

In 2000 Jenna suffered a traumatic fall and it led her to a coma with a brain injury. After a week in the ICU she awakened only to hear neurologist say that she would not be able to finish her last semester of high school due to her injury. When she did graduate on time doctors said it was a miracle but the trials were not over as she still needed assistance to fully function on her own. While nursing the brain injury Jenna also discovered she had type 1 diabetes. Even after relearning how to read, and regaining short term memory she there was the additional challenge of having to live with diabetes. The disease led her to be more active and eat healthier, it was there that she found her love for nutrition and fitness.


We caught up with Jenna at Aura Cycle where she teaches spin, one of the many things in her arsenal of knowledge. Through the waves of pounding pop music her energy soared. The class pushed and sweat and loved every minute of it. She has a way of empowering people that makes her a great coach and trainer. It is not so much about the fitness with her as it is about a whole life perspective. Jenna believes that nearly all physical ailments are preventable or symptoms can be minimized by holistic care. “I do not have a medicine cabinet in my home.  Instead I have a cabinet filled with vitamins, minerals, and herbs…I never get headaches.  I don’t remember the last time I had a flu shot.”

By staying active and living by the credo “Eat real food.” Jenna has been able to reduce her need for insulin 10 times. Her diabetes is by no means cured, but the impact it has on her life is greatly reduced. Jenna has created I’m On A Mission as a vehicle for people to engage in a fitness community and take on the possibility of their own life change.  I’m On A Mission is currently preparing for a group retreat to Fiji. The cycle of inspiration continues just like the wheels on the cycle.


For more information about Jenna, I’m On A Mission, and the Fiji retreat visit

Twitter: @jennaphillips

Instagram: @imonamission



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