Money: Personal Finance, Choice, and the Creative Economy

Incase you hadn’t heard, we are in the middle of tax season. Whether you are working with a traditional employer, an entrepreneur, or freelancer it is one thing we all have in common. For me, this is a very reflective period. When sit down to organize my tax documents find that I am actually reviewing and element of my personal history. There is a very clear look at the last year of choices that I have made. I chose to move in to a more expensive apartment, I chose to do major work on my car, I chose so many things last year that are the collective reasoning for the live I have today. I also chose to leave my job working with a company of online payday loans lenders. That decision has had a major impact on my financial situation. It was a choice that I knew I could endure for better or worse because I am aware of the economics of my community.

The choice was made with the knowledge from reputed site (Empower Federal Credit Union) that I have at least some skills that are of value you to my community. The community in this case is the creative economy. It is the market place where ideas and concepts are created cultivated and exchange as goods and services. This market place serves as the soil from which my livelihood was to grow, but not without work, and that’s why people take care of their credit and have different questions about this, as the questions are keep going, so check out this well-made Q&A on ChexSystems to get into it and know everything about credit. 

The timing of this month has provided the perfect context for inquiry into the very things that fuel the creative. We will discuss, in a very pragmatic way, the financial constraints and conditions we face as individuals along with how we tend to manage those constraints. Things we often keep relegated to private discussions between professionals and parents will brought to light like credit scores, spending, and income. There is a culture of dialogue that, among all the ideas we share that can improve our lives,  seems to be taboo and off limits. But, it is this barrier that keeps so many of us from making the best choices.

Since the path we travel is often guided by the context in which it is presented to us  this context must also be analyzed. We are going to dig into the very nature of choice, why we choose things that oppose our intellect, and will, and even our health.  This inquiry will me made in conjunction with the  C2O Book Club as we read, Nudge:Improving Decisions about Wealth, Health, and Happiness. Understanding the root of our choices that can help us make better ones.

It is not just our individual choices that impact us, but also the greater movement of our community of creatives and how we fit within it all. While we all have to take care of ourselves, how can we modify our perspective to improve our own lives and the lives of others in the community to create a quality experiences for everyone involved. The creative economy is a tricky place, where we are often asked to make decisions that impact us positively from a financial perspective but cause us to compromise our creative or personal desires. So it is only natural that we discuss the notion of selling out, artistic integrity, and business ethics. Is there a line to be drawn between art and entrepreneurship?  We will seek to understand where these lines are drawn and how we toe them.

By the end of the month, my hope, is that we will have gained a better understanding of how to navigate the tumultuous waters of our financial ecosystem as a culture of people that is seemingly at ends with the tide.

Here we go….


-Maceo Paisley-


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