Wonderland: A Short Doc On The Life Of The Creative Professional

Wonderland is a short documentary that features illustrators, film directors and other creatives discussing the challenges they face in bridging the gap between creating content with artistic integrity and creating content for “the man”, so to speak. Wonderland is beautifully orchestrated, presenting the audience with something to think about while at the same time inspiring creatives to go forth and find their place amongst art and commerce. Filmmakers Terry Rayment (Eskimo) and Hunter Hampton (cargocollective.com/hunter) weave together a concise narrative that brings together view points and stories from artists across the board, the common theme being they have all found success by doing what they love. At first their love may not have been profitable, in many cases it may have cost them money to create. Yet, as they continued to find ways to create with integrity, they continued to be propelled forward within their fields and amongst their peers in the creative world. Wonderland is a must see for any young creative out there wondering where to begin or how to find that balance. In the end true success is a subjective matter, finding a balance of work and passion and staying true to your own identity seem to be core elements to the success of the young artists featured here.



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