Women Of The World Poetry Slam

The Women of the World Poetry Slam (WOWPS) is a yearly Poetry Slam tournament put on by Poetry Slam, Inc. that pits individual slam poets from around the world that “live their lives as women”against one another. The great city of Austin, Texas, played host to the WOWPS from March 20-22.  In celebration of March having been Women’s History month and this month,  April,  being National Poetry Writing month, we wanted to highlight some of the best and brightest. Click the links below and enjoy some great poetry.  Join the party by writing a poem a day in April.  For the full list of winners or more on WOWPS visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women_of_the_World_Poetry_Slam.


1. Dominique Ashaheed  (dominiquechristina.com)

2. Imani Cezanne (imanicezanne.tumblr.com)

3. Denice Frohman (denicefrohman.com)

4. Carrie Rudzinski (carrierudzinski.tumblr.com)

5. Janae Johnson (@ugottahavesou)

6. Venessa Marco (https://twitter.com/marco_venessa)



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