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I love foreign music. I love foreign music that feels familiar. I love familiar that tastes foreign. Music is the cheapest form of teleportation device I’ve ever owned. Most recently my ears took a trip to Sweden. Have you ever been? If not the production duo Sum Comfort Food has built a bridge from Sweden to Los Angeles just for you.  With the new project “Flying Kites” on the horizon they building off of past collabs w/ the likes of Tanya Morgan’s DonwillTiRon & Ayomari, Def Sound, Bobby Blunt,  Jordan James, and Nelson Waters. These days they are broadening their brush strokes into new dimensions. Less sample based more vibey moodments (Yes, I just made a word up, combining the word mood and movements lol). The first demonstration of their new wave of production is on “Watch Your Step” mixed and mastered by one of the masters, Ken Barrientos. It’s hard not to be caught in the very ethereal  wavy vocals of Ji Nilsson  on this on enjoy the pool of sounds below

https://soundcloud.com/sumcomfort/watch-your-step-feat-ji “Eureka”


Sum Comfort continues building on to another level on the Kay Franklin assisted “TwoLovers”

Simply put, I like this. You could bathe in these drums if you don’t like showers, or swim in the bass line, it’s as comfortable as a Huxtable sweater. Young up and comer Kay Franklin breathes a little bit of Los Angeles on the vocals on this one.  As long as you are open to moving w/ the moodments, this recipe feels gourmet. Sum Comfort become the chef’s that allow you 2 inhale the aromas of dope music for an extra minute and 12 seconds of just instrumental. You get lost in the vibes w/ no hope of GPS just you and the rhythm.


I love when music takes it’s time w/ you. So take some time and vibe w/ the “Flying Kites”


Twitter :: https://twitter.com/SumComfort





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