4 Reasons Why Your Pinky Is Less Important Than Your Smartphone

It has been said that if an alien traveler was to land on earth he may mistake the smart phone for an important human body part. May people, literally believe they can not live with out it. In some cases people go through withdraw from their phones if they don’t have them to use like an addict of sorts.  Whether you are using iPhone, Android, Windows or a Blackberry smart phone these devices function as an extension of ourselves. In so many ways we  have begun to to treat them as such. We have them protected with cell phone cases as if they were part of our internal organs, we can’t deny the fact that smartphones are very likely to become an asset to our lives. We became curious about just how important these digital appendages are compared to our actual ones. Let’s take into consideration a few things and as our selves to weigh in on a very serious question. Would you rather break your finger or your smartphone?

1. Daily use:

When was the last time you actually used your pinky for anything significant? Sure, this article was typed with the help of pinkies but  literally 80% of the letters were typed with the other fingers. What good are two fingers that only carry 20% of the work load. It probably even less through out the day. You don’t use your pinkies to hold a tea cup, it just hangs out in the air gallivanting. The average cell phone user checks their phone over 150 times per day. Do you use your pinky 150 times per day? Doubtful.

2. Multi function:

What does is a pinky even good for anyway? It is really the only finger that gets into your nose very well at all. It will help you scoop up cocaine samples, if you are into that. Hmmm, what else? Already at a loss for applications. The smartphone on the other hand is  incredibly versatile. It is basically a mini computer in your hand all day. No wonder the supreme court just upheld a privacy law protection our right to a search warrant to before going through them.


Modern cell phones allow us to connect with each other and the world. Even the old school phones made mobile communication simple and easy. Collectively in the US alone we make over 6 billion calls per day. That is a lot, “I love you.”s to family and wedding plans,and dinner reservations being made.  If you really think about it, the only thing your pinky does to help you connect is make a pinky swear.

4. Pain

Yes, it might hurt to break your finger. It would probably hurt a lot but you’ll get over it. The finger will eventually heal and if even if it looks a little weird you will have a cool story about what happened. If you break your smartphone, you have to pay to get it fixed and  you are disconnected from the ENTIRE WORLD for however long it takes to get that done. The stress associated with all the calls you might miss and personal updates from all your friends you won’t get to ‘like’ is going to cause far more mental anguish than having a foam metal brace on your hand for a few weeks. Breaking a pinky is a six week deal, but if you loose all your contacts, some of those people are gone forever.

Now you have some insight on the real issue so we will leave it to you to make the decision.


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