LA2050 is an initiative for a shared vision of Los Angeles. Led by the Goldhirsh Foundation, LA2050 is dedicated to driving and tracking progress towards that vision. This year they have accepted qualified submissions to apply for a $100,000 grant in the categories of PLAY, CONNECT, LIVE, CREATE, and LEARN.

Here at Citizens Of Culture we are big supporters of LA2050 and with all the submissions we wanted to help our community sort through all of the wonderful selections. We’ve combed through each of the categories for projects that we think are most interesting to our editors and have picked a few selects to highlight in each category.

Everyone of the applicants aspires to do something amazing for the city, we simply wanted to lend our support to a few of the ones that resonated with us deeply.

Voting began on September 2nd and will continue until Tuesday September 12th, stay tuned as well post updates on all the categories.


Check out who we like, and why, and feel free to check out other applicants here and tell us who you will be voting for in the comments as well.

Category : PLAY

WHO WE LIKE: Los Angeles Youth Poet Laureate Program

The LA Youth Poet Laureate program aims to celebrate the top writers and youth leaders across Los Angeles County.

We believe that cultivating the voices of the youth is imperative to empowering the next generation. To align that cultural mission with a civic and academic endorsement would provide an opportunity for those teens to make strides toward putting their voices into action.

There is much work that is already being done and we see a great opportunity for that effort to be catalyzed by the resources and recognition that comes with being awarded this grant.

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WHO WE LIKE: Reimagined Resources

Rescue clean, safe, manufacturers waste and turn it into project based learning opportunities for STEAM Education.

This project is hitting a few touch points at once. STEAM education stands for (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) which is imperative to success in today’s world. In addition they are using reclaimed materials to reinforce the message of sustainability. All this is occurring in underserved schools that can make critical gains with these types of programs.

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WHO WE LIKE: Disrupt Violence: Hot Zones Into Play Zones

Advancement Project champions greater equity for all, fostering upward mobility in communities impacted by economic and racial injustice.

WHY WE LIKE THEM: Addressing violence in neighborhoods with limited resources is an issue that needs our attention regardless of where we live. We like this initiative because it puts the solution into the hands of the community with a training program that has already shown some results. Solving issues in the community require a concerted effort between public, private, and government bodies and that’s exactly what this is.

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WHO WE LIKE: *Play With Music Platform (PWMP)

Research & build a platform to teach LA kids music & tech skills, by playing in “virtual bands” with peers & pro musicians.

WHY WE LIKE THEM: This group has already proven that their model can work, as they describe in their video. Music is a medium of such expression and passion that when coupled with the use of technology has no limits on what is possible. The idea of virtual collaboration blends the spirit of play with connection, as well and education, this is one project that can not only benefit Los Angeles but scaled to work nationally or globally  as well.

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WHO WE LIKE: Senior Stage Power

The mission of Senior Star Power is to engage, inspire, and enrich the health and wellness of the aging population through the arts.

WHY WE LIKE THEM:  Our elders are some of the most important members of our society. We should not only take advantage of the social contributions they have made but every effort to support and embrace them as members of our community. This project not only supports health and wellness, through play, but gives us an opportunity to engage with our elders in a joyful way.

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Since you can only vote once make sure you choose wisely. We wish best of luck to all the applicants and a bright future to the city of Los Angeles.

For more information on LA2050 visit their website or follow them on twitter. @LA2050

* members of Citizens Of Culture may know or have met members of applicant organization.


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