From Two, To A Tribe

Julie Thorne Engles and Linsdsey Heisser form the leadership duo at the helm of Tribemint, a creative marketing agency based out of Los Angeles.  What makes their organization special is more than just their capability to deliver engaging campaigns for their clients. It is something less tangible, it is the essence of their relationship as friends and collaborators that manifests as a refreshing perspective on vision, culture and engagement.

Business veteran, Julie has held director and SVP positions in marketing dealing with big clients at prior firms. Now, she brings with her all the experience, lingo, and wits needed to play at the high level. Along with experience sometimes our perspectives can become more pointed to specific goals by narrowly focusing on measurable results. While everything we do should have a return, it may not be something that is as simple to track as sales or clicks. Julie understands this but she also understands the needs of the business to measure its growth and progress. As CEO of Tribemint she’s bringing that knowledge and experience to the table but its not a one-woman show.

Relevance too is important. There is no demographic more relevant at the moment than Millennials. It seems like everywhere you look there is a new campaign or conversation started about how to target this large audience. And who better to communicate with this group than one of its own? Lindsey is Managing Director of the shop, she and Julie are partners in the business. This means if there is an age or culture gap between Lindsey and some of the decision makers is easily bridged by Julie. It also means that Tribemint has a fresh pair of eyes paired with Lindsey’s marketing savvy to oversee the execution of their projects.

The workflow is great, but still we have yet to unravel what makes the duo so special. And yet again is something that is not easily described. Trends in modern management may dictate the need for a more egalitarian approach to structuring companies. But this often leads to confusion as to where direction and vision are supposed to come from. At Tribemint, Julie and Lindsey are the driving the ship but when working with associates or interns it is recognized that everyone has value. Each member is empowered to think and communicate their ideas about how to move projects forward. Lindsey elaborates, “It is the responsibility of management to communicate goals clearly so that people know their purpose and can maximize their role.”

While so much of the business hinges on how well things happen internally. There would be no business if there were no clients and the needs of those clients can greatly impact the culture of the company. “If we meet with someone that does understand us, our vision, and values…” Julie says, ” …we don’t work with them.” This is a powerful statement, where many agencies scour for as many brands as will have them Tribemint has taken another approach.

They are building a culture that includes the business that are patronized by it. It is such a natural fit, it begs why the approach is not commonplace. The agency, must pay its bills like any other business but the partnerships they take on in the business stem from the partnership they have formed between the two of them. They thrive not only in spite of their differences but because of them.

While Julie is a little older, married, and a parent, Lindsey is younger, unmarried, with no kids. Their basic profiles lend them to broaden the audiences they can access, and we haven’t even explored the personal differences of race and culture that may further expand their horizons as a team. This diversity however, is not so rich that there is no common ground. The two are committed to creating opportunities for success for women in business. In addition they see a clear path for authentic marketing as a new paradigm in commerce.

Clients feel it, the staff feels, it doesn’t have to be boiled down to a magic formula. If anything the formula is the the chemistry created between two passionate women that have the perspective, relationships, and knowledge to shape the world around them.





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