10 reasons why to do lists are great.

Some of us like to think we are “too creative to be organized” as if we have all these idea in our heads that can not be contained by structure and borders. Ok that is great if you want to continue couch surfing, (and there is nothing wrong with couch surfing) but if you want to progress your creativity in to a career a little bit of organization can do a long way. Here are some of the benefits of lists.


1. It is the most basic way of goal setting.
You can see your objectives clearly in front of you and expand on them if needed.

2.Forces you to rexamine.
You ask yourself “Should I even be spending my time on this?” If not, then don’t put it on your list.

3.Holds you accountable.
When you ink something down it is a commitment, literally something that lasts forever. (unless you throw the paper away)

4.Subtle time management
Make a list that has a deadline on it, a month a week, or an hour.  Then you can see how much you actually have to do and will remind you of the pace you need to keep.

5.Track your progress
This is the most basic benefit, as you approach the deadline you can assess how far you’ve come.

Well a clear record of what you are trying to do is the whole reason for a list in the first place. This should be a no-brainer.

The list doesn’t have to be something you even think as possible. It can be an exercise in stretching your imagination.
Go off on a tangent if you have some spare time.

8.Common goals.
If your colleagues or peers are making lists you can see where they align and collaborate.

9.Peace of mind.
Laying everything out in front of you shows you a REAL perspective on the size of a task, so you don’t get caught up in thinking it is overwhelming or  impossible.

Lists are a useful tool but don’t get caught up in making the list, and take time away from actually doing what you need to do. Keep them short and simple.
Even just 3 things is fine.


Happy Listing.


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