U n a p o l o g e t i c a l l y . Y o u r s . [On Race and Love]

Love isn’t something you plan, but it is something you should be present for. Presently I’m happy in an interracial relationship. Last night my friend I attended The View From Here 3, a discussion in a public forum about race and relationships. These are the things that are still on my heart since last night:
• I know what unhappiness looks and feels like and it has nothing to do w/ skin color. I’m really into trying on happiness these days, it fits me so nicely I never wanna take it off.
I’m living a conversation that most of us fear. I’m loving w/o fear.

• Being a man of color and being in love w/ a white woman does not mean I love women of color less. We don’t choose our skin. We choose how we let it effect the way we treat others. If I was w/ a white woman who didn’t understand or acknowledge her privilege or my story the relationship would not work.

• Knowing you are valuable is a weapon. I understand I am worth happiness and have found a partner who not only mirrors that but champions my expansion. I know I love her because I’ve taken the time to actually know what I like NOT the ideals and fears that have been sold to me.

• No matter what you say or do it will make someone uncomfortable. But somewhere in the world we are trending and I’m not waiting on the status quo to change and agree w/ us. We are the one’s shaping the future.

This is not an explanation. This is a love letter. Love is a language I’m still learning to speak fluently. I’m sure love doesn’t come in one accent. Love is thee highest form of evolution I have ever experienced. Experience is thee key in this journey. Keep your GPS set to infinite.

Be the conversation you are trying to have.

Unapologetically yours ,








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