February Book Club: On Desire

This month’s theme is Desire, and specifically how our cravings effect us. It will be important to not why we want the things we want as well.

William Irvine is philosopher who has done extensive work on this subject and has published a book that does not revel in the theoretical aspects of his topics alone. He unveils  the topic’s practical elements and makes his study something we can all learn from.

Here is a snapshot of the table of contents:

Table of Contents

1 The ebb and flow of desire 11
2 Other people 31
3 Mapping our desires 55
4 The wellsprings of desire 68
5 The psychology of desire 91
6 The evolution of desire 120
7 The biological incentive system 145
8 The human condition 175
9 Religious advice 182
10 Religious advice continued : Protestant sects 211
11 Philosophical advice 238
12 The eccentrics 258
13 Conclusions 279




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