The Breakfast Club: August

Yesterday, we partnered with  General Assembly and Whole Foods Santa Monica to bring you the best quality in locally sourced goods, and an investigation into curiosity!

Megan Hubbell prepared the several dishes along with 12 curiously delicious sauces and Natalie Patterson facilitated a discussion that got us thinking about our personal experience with discover, leaning, and inquisition.

We found that there were many things that stifle our creativity, as adults. One person mentioned an abundant access to information. Another insight was that we often lack the time to follow through with learning what we are interested in. Additionally the point was made that some consumer information is outright hidden from us or blockaded by marketing jargon.

It did seem that there were examples of adult curiosity and that the capacity for us to wonder, and imagine is still within us if we give it the room to thrive. We ended the morning by sharing a few things we were curious about and a few pledged to learn more about those things in the near future. It was an interesting morning, filled with curios minds and warm smiles.

A few photos from the event are below.

Thank you to all that attended and for those that missed it we hope to see you next time!

All photos by Captain Salguero.



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