Escape Nostalgia w/ Autumn Lundberg and Defsound

Every so often there is a piece of art that is so striking that it brings you to a a halt for a second. You can’t help but stare and wonder as you gaze into the depth of the work. This is so true for the paintings of Autumn Lundberg. She is a Wisconsin artist now based in Los Angeles. She uses color and texture to pull you into her images with dynamic movement and life.

Autumn’s work reminds us of the power of art to make us feel things, sometimes it is a familiarity with something new. Lundberg is currently working on a collection and we were so glad she was willing to let us share some of her art with you.


This season Autumn has blessed us with artwork for the cover of Escape Nostalgia, the newest mix by Def Sound. We bring you not only great music for your  “Netflix and Chill” nights but also a warmth and color that eludes to Autumn’s painting.

Follow Autumn on Instagram at @autumnfineart and follow Def Sound at @def.sound



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