Potential Energy:Long Hours+Shitty Job= Success!

OK so are working at a place you are not really passionate about for longer hours than you would like just to maintain your livelihood right? You drudge in on Monday, regrettably sit at your desk, and begin to pound away at the keys or whatever. Friday afternoon, just as you are about to pack up, you get slammed with another project or are forced to work another friday night because of an unrelenting boss.How can this be a good thing?

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If you take a deep breath and ask your self what exactly it is that you would otherwise be doing you need to also ask the question “Would you be willing to be as hard on yourself as your current boss is on you?” In all likelihood the answer is no. One of the most common things that separates successful people that run their own business is not only the potency of their time but how much they are willing to push themselves. Drill sergeant you has to kick yourself out of bed or keep them burning the midnight oil instead of calling it quits.

Your in a great situation if you are working ten, twelve, or even more hours a day for someone else. Consider is conditioning, in the early stages of your business you are going to have to be willing to do the same thing. Too often we think that if we were running our own business it might somehow be easier. That is pretty much the farthest thing from the truth. Not only will it be harder but it will most likely be even longer hours for less pay. The main difference is that you are investing in something you will hopefully one day be able to stare at from a distance while it runs itself right?

Paying your dues isn’t really about getting in good with the boss or making connections. Not really. It is about building your skill set, knowledge, and work ethic to be able to manage your own dealings. Inspiration is a beautiful spark that can set an idea off, that is the kind of thing that is great for a hobby, like a free solitaire game app, or a pure artists that doesn’t really need to worry about how much money comes in or how long their process takes. If you are looking to run something independent you have to be prepared for the moment when inspiration has dried up and you need to work on a crazy last minute dead line. This might even be in an aspect of your own business that you detest.

You’ll be sitting in the exact position you are now, but you won’t have the luxury of extrinsic motivation. When you think of the power of that kind of support and accountability is can be make or break. When your manager comes down and tells you not to cancel your dinner plans don’t scoff. Think about the discipline they are helping you create and how that will help you when you finally ditch the place and take off on your own.




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