N e w . M u s i c :: Bells Roar – “I Know”


The body is a vessel for something so much more. I believe we spend our lives developing the unseen. We name those developments the spirit, soul, character or even the aura. Recently I met a very humble yet vibrant spirit that goes by the name “Bells Roar” also known as Sean Desiree hailing from Albany. She played a very intimate show at a feminist art space called “Gal Palace” which I will never forget. Holding down the stage with just her guitar, laptop and impressive presence I knew I was witnessing something special. I knew I wasn’t just watching someone sing songs, these sounded more like beliefs. I wanted to share her new reflective video from her project “Second Chances Vol. 1”, which is actually a sequel/sonic revisiting to the self produced Bell’s Roar EP.

I encourage you to tag along for the casual journey of a day in the life of a free spirit in the new visual for “I Know” Directed by Devon Kirkpatrick, Cinematography by Moira Morel, Edited by Paige Bethmann, Colorist Candice Mars Williamson.







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