TRUST: Expectation, Commitment and Partnership

February is often associated with love because of Valentine’s Day, but love is weak without trust. I have been talking to singers who have to put full faith and confidence in their accompanying pianist. The same situation is the case for the trapeze artists who fly in the air. In our professional lives trust transcends even the financial aspect in some cases because it can be as serious as life itself. If a stunt man doesn’t have the proper assistance things can go horribly wrong it won’t just be lost dollars or opportunity.

Some say that love is work. If it is truly work then we must look at what makes a great a partnership and see if it translates to the professional world, and ask ourselves if there can be knowledge gained from one to apply to the other.

In relationship we are constantly managing our expectations, and sometimes this practice goes unnoticed and causes issues. If our client or employer has unrealistic expectations then no matter how well we perform it becomes impossible to fulfill the task. It requires communication of needs, and abilities and, as best we can requires a willingness to say “No.” when things do not align and always look for the trends of human resources management that make business handling easier.

But if an agreement is reached then tentativeness can cause calamity. A pair of acrobats on high wire do not have the time to be hesitant about fulfilling their end of the bargain. If an investor backs out of a project at the last minute it can feel the same as leaving someone at the altar.

This month we will talk to partners in matrimony, music, and management to evaluate the principles that makes these bonds successful. I hope you’ll join us as we dive in to this issue.


Maceo Paisley

Founder, Citizens Of Culture



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