New . Music :: Suzi Analogue – ZONEZ V.1

The lead woman and visionary of the Never Normal collective Suzi Analogue strikes gold again with a brand new compilation of sounds and vibes that are otherworldly by the name of “ZONEZ V.1”. Fresh out the SP these new footwork anthems blend R&B samples, Jazz, D&B, Hip Hop and Jungle into something that will get your body moving in all tempos and dance floors. Her music screams intersectionality. Much like everything Suzi does it’s done with style, I’m even into the way the song titles are spelled. In her own words. “The concept for ZONEZ is creating music using sounds that trigger not only auditory but visual senses. The sound is created by a woman, and each track has builds that essentially asks for the listeners to be a part of the build. It’s actually an audio moodboard that’s the start of a bigger experience.”

Stream the entire project below







My favorites jams on “ZONEZ” are

“Creation ArgumeNNt”


“Trak Girl Magic”



Peace & light to one of my favorite contemporary collage artists Nate James on the artwork as well.




– ∂eƒ


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