Carrot Cake Fallacy

Carrots are high in beta carotene and fiber, good sources of antioxidants, Vitamin A, K, C, and B8. These are facts. Eat as much of them as you want. They will help with vision, regularity, and host of other benefits. Having this knowledge in mind, you try to lean towards carrots to take advantage of these benefits. Then you come into the knowledge of carrot cake, the name is in the title the dominant ingredient. It also has the added benefit of carbohydrates right?


Carrot cake, make look like a carrot, it may smell like a carrot, it may taste better than carrots but carrots cake is NOT the same as carrots. Factually the content of the title ingredient is lower than the other ingredients like flower and sugar. The name is misleading, the color is misleading, the little frosting images of cartoon carrots are misleading.

Because of the language and presentation of the food item we are led to believe there is some correlation between the ingredients and the value of the food itself. This is false, there is some element of carrot-ness in the cake, but far less that one might assume based on the way it is presented.

Carrot cake is not the only place we find this illogical correlation. Just as carrots have positive attributes that are legitimately beneficial to you. Love and affirmation also have attributes that are beneficial. Love inspires feelings of acceptance and connection, so too does Fame. People will convey affection, and even adoration towards famous people. The disconnection is that does not mean they love them.

Fame is to Love as Carrot Cake is to Carrots. Sure they have some things in common, but they are far from the same. One, namely carrots and love are healthy, and arguably necessary components that can add value to ones life. The other, (fame, carrot cake) is a derivative item that is so far diluted from the original they share a correlation in essence only.The amount of one that you would have to consume to equal the benefits of the other would make you ill or kill you before you were able to reap the benefits of the second.

In order to properly understand our motivations, we must be certain that we are chasing the right goal. Often we can get caught up in the sweetness of fame, or carrot cake instead of moving toward the more healthy option. If we are all to be beasts of economy, let us at least make certain that we are aiming for the right things.




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