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The dynamic duo known as MAD AS HELL reincarnate themselves in the form of Director (Leila Jarman) and Sound designer (Mike Leisz  aka clickbecause) in collaboration with Proximal Records label head Sahy Uhns and poet and puppeteer Chelsea Bayouth to create a short film called “A Dream Of Paper Flowers”.

As an attendee of the first public screening the first thing that really jumped out to my senses was the polarizing setting the sound provided. For this element, Sahy Uhns said he orchestrated small recording sessions of organic phenomena, such as the warping of burning wood submersed in water. It was this combination of electronic and acoustic elements that comprised the main body of the film’s audio. “We extended this idea to the film’s narration, creating a sound that was somewhat organic but distinctly manipulated, using custom audio software built in Native Instruments’ Reaktor. It was important to remove the vocal of its relatable contexts so that the source of the vocal felt somewhat fluid, as if it was sometimes emanating from the beast and sometimes sounding like a thought within the character’s head.”

Visually visceral we witness a build up and a rebirth.  Growth is not always comfortable, not always beautiful,  unapologetically experimental, with a cameo from musician and performance artist  MRK “A Dream of Paper Flowers” is wrapped in many layers it’s a highly recommendable watch. This short film provides a brief glimpse into the raw, jagged coals of the female psyche as told with the help of Bayouth’s twin craft– poetry and puppetry and the meticulous eye and vision of Director Leila Jarman.


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