WHIM: Silliness, Frivolity and Hedonism

These days it seems there is a very stark divide between two major life philosophies. One states that reason, is an imperative and we should look to create the most sustainable good. A good that can stand the test of time is one that may require sacrifice and time to build. It rests on the idea that we are a part of a human lineage that continues the work that generations past leave behind. The other theory is one that acknowledges that life is fleeting and we can not bet on the next moment to harvest our happiness. We should enjoy each moment as it passes and seek to derive as much pleasure and joy that we can from the brief time we have her.

Both theories have their merits and we will look into the former in another month when we discuss the virtues of patience and prudence. But given the nature of the subject, we can not hold off from discussing the whimsical, childish, and irresponsible decisions that make life fun and spontaneous. When we bow only to reason we strip the world of its wonder and reduce it all down to causalities.  Intellect is certainly a necessity but we can not only live by the mind.

The heart can be tickled as well by impulse, joy, surprise and these things can not be planned. It is the unexpected nature of these things that make them special. The negative is that these actions often derail or undermine our longer term goals or set us back in ways that require we us to start over. Still, we would not commit these actions if there were not some reason behind them. There is certainly a trade of but sometimes these moments of recklessness are completely worth it.

This month we will seek to understand what catharsis this perspective offers and test its limits. We hope you’ll stick with us but we certainly under stand if you have trouble fulfilling commitments this month.


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