Perhaps the most important question a person can ask themselves is, “Who Am I?” In order to answer this we might take countless selfies, exploring how we are seen by others and how we see ourselves. This process of self-identification is ironically collaborative. We can not know ourselves in a vacuum. So as vain the act of posting a selfie is there is some insight to be captured from it, if only in the form of likes. Our public and private personas both identify us and where we draw that line is different for each of us. Artist Bethany Toews bares herself in Bethany Toews Inside Bethany Toews, and lets us into her own inner dialogue of personaldiscovery.

The individual on the cover is recognized by the world as “a fencer” but when Daryl Homer looks in the mirror he sees more than an Olympic medalist staring back at him. Youssef Grant talks about his experience with Homer in Human.Super.Athlete. and reveals that the person we may all see as a titan, sees himself as no more than a man.  It is this component of our identity that we often struggle to show. Too often we let the world dictate who we are supposed to be or do not have the voice to make an argument for who we truly are. Diane Luby Lane helps young people in Southern California find and put this voice to use with Get Lit: Words Ignite.

This issue explore the clinical definition of identity as well as the social definition and our personal feelings. It is our hope that the pages of this magazine illuminate the subject in a way that gives further clarity to the inquiry of, “Who Am I?” a question we no doubt, spend every day of our lives answering.

Maceo “Paisley” Keeling, Publisher/Editor-In-Chief


Special Thanks to the following, for without you this issue would not have been possible.

Daryl Homer
Rodolfo Ramirez
Andrew CHeung
Bathany Toews
Youssef Grant
Sarah Winters
Dabbs Anderson
Daniel N. Johnson
Jasmine Nyende
Jillian Meyers
Nadia Alvarez
Drew Anderson
Christy Roberts Berkowitz
Kristian Punturere
Edric Chen
Veronika Schulman
Diane Luby Lane
Colleen Hamilton-Lecky
Hazel Witham
Lorenzo Diggins
Celina Pereira
Martha Winterhalter
Maceo Keeling II
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