Conflict: Tension, Disagreement, Dissent

It is inherent in humans to be duplicitous, hypocritical, and inconsistent. So there is no wonder that society at large has a hard time coming to agreement. It is hard enough to find our on resolve and personal knowledge. We have the angel and devil on our shoulders who are telling us to follow our temptations or to do what is prudent.

We must also take that discord in to the world and try to find resolution with people that are as confused about things as we were. This is the root of the nature of conflict. It is not always as simple as finding ways to amicably disagree, but have to first find out what exactly we are disagreeing about.

A the while time is ticking between groups along spectrums and poles that often have very little relevant common ground. As we try to resolve these conflicts we like to look to the deeper principles that define us but as the second law of thermodynamics tells us, the world becomes more chaotic and complex, those tensions only rise.

This month we will take a look at some of these tensions between men and women, employers, and laborers, and even the internal conflicts that plague us inside.




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