New Mix: Bright Privilege, An Essay.

Through the past year we’ve come to recognize the various social phenomena make their way into the zeitgeist. Our resident Dj, Def Sound took this as an opportunity to introduce the notion of bright privilege. It is the ability to retain personal agency and subjective viewpoint while fully acknowledging the objective truth that lies in the external environment.

Bright privilege is an ability that can be cultivated through personal development, socialized, or inherited from a familial disposition. What is clear is that with bright privilege there are no limits. Like a prism, it allows light to pass through it, and refract the entire spectrum of visible light. Bright privilege is the internal expression of external oppression that outshines the negative.Unpacking the truth without changing it, serving as a lens to show what has always been there but never before seen.

It was this concept that informed the selection of music and let us to the work of @kristybrittany. A  photographer and student of Montclair State University. We found her image and felt it fully captured the essence of the concept and she obliged us in sharing the image for the mixtape cover.  Her images are moments of intention distilled, to communicate and emote.

we hope you enjoy it.

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