Horizons: Growth, Change, Expansion

As we look toward the new year we are filled with hope… or despair, depending on what you are looking at. If you are filled with hope you are seeing potential and possibility. If you are filled with despair then you might be seeing a stark reality or dark potential of a grim inevitability. In either case we have the option of looking beyond what is immediately in front of us to imagine an ideal. No matter how untouchable it may seem there is no point in ignoring it because the vision is there.

This month we are looking to the horizon, the imaginary crux of what we can become and the line of infinity that is perpetually beyond our grasp. If we are to change the trajectory from one of despair to one of hope then we must imagine what can become. If we are to realize the future we hope for then we need to aim just beyond where we believe we can reach. That perseverance will serve us when things do not go our way.

Staring off into the distance like a day dreamer, we are able to separate our thinking from our reality and seek what we may have never conceived of being possible. To explore this we are going to the edge of our thinking and exploring new ideas for ways of living. If it is our diet, how can we reframe the way we approach eating. If love is the matter then how can we learn a new way to express it. The time for being hindered to a fixed position is over and we must turn out eyes out and up to view where we can go.



Maceo Paisley




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