Pitch, Please. – Business Communication Workshop

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Whether you are a fine artist, filmmaker, or events producer you need to be able to communicate your needs to stake holders. You might be engaging with gallerists, brands, or clients and one of the fundamental components of this is being able to translate your needs into an ask. And then actually ASK!

As individuals fueled by passionate work, often times we accept less than we need or simply walk away from meetings unsure of whether it went well or not. This leads us to wasted time, and what’s worse our projects often fall flat because we are not able to bring on partners who can help us realize our ideas.

Pitch, Please is a communication learning group that provides an opportunity to improve your communication practice as an artist in business. Participants will identify needs and meeting outcomes, outline their communication style in relation to their personality, recognize obstacles to closing conversations, and create a personal practice to build better habits.

In this workshop we learn:

  • How to recognize and reach decision makers (relationship development)
  • How to communicate our needs and opportunity clearly (pitch)
  • How to frame mutually beneficial partnerships (negotiate)
  • How to deliver a clear ask (close)

About ORCHESTRA Livelihood Workshops:

By gathering leaders in the professional space who are currently living in their work we are able to deliver practical guidance that is relevant to today’s professional climate.



[one_half_last padding=”0 15px 0 15px”]COURSE DATE: MARCH 7
6hrs from 10:30a-4:00p

Course Facilitator:

Maceo is an artist and events produce who has funded music videos, dinner parties and other project through a combination of grants, advertising support, and crowd funding. In 2015 he lived entirely off brand collaborations for a period of 6 months. He is currently pitching you on this class right now.

10:15a    Doors Open
10:30a   Session Begins
12:30p    Lunch Break
4:00p  Session Ends

Nous Tous Gallery
943 N Broadway st
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(behind Bruce Lee statue next to Grand Star Jazz Club)

Sign-Up for Pitch,Please plus for one-on-one counseling sessions with sales and marketing consultant or grant writer.

We also run an Educational Partner Program that augments or substitutes this professional program as a general communications course for individuals to employ in their social life.


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