Screenshot Productions Presents: Fear Is What We Learned Here

Our view of the world is so heavily informed by our senses that a confusion of the senses can actually lead to anxiety. But the suspense created from anxiety can actually open us up to wisdom. By leaning into spaces where anxiety is induced in a controlled environment we have access to this wisdom without the actual risk of danger. This is the value of horror movies to so many of us. We are proud to share with you the new work from Screenshot Productions. Fear Is What We Learned Here  is An Immersive Walkthrough Installation Taking Aim at Donald Trump and Political and Social Injustice.

Frustrated by the political climate in which Donald Trump was elected, husband and wife artists Nicholas Sherwin Jr. and Meghan McHale-Sherwin have re-imagined Screenshot Production’s first installation, Fear is What We Learned Here (F I W W L H) as a synesthetic journey through light, sound and image. The re-imagined immersive experience is a one-on-one presentation of performance in environments created by projection, sound and physical installation. The new work explores fear as a tool for social and political control, challenging individuals to consider their perceptions and ask what is necessary to subvert systems of manipulation.

The experience seeks to present participants with a pathway to action in the face of social injustices and in that spirit, $10 from every ticket sale will go toward charities fostering equality and helping those marginalized in society today. At the point of sale, audience members will be given a list of charities to donate a portion of their ticket price toward ranging from Planned Parenthood to the International Refugee Assistance Project. Alternately, they can enter a charity of their choosing.

Screenshot Productions—who previously brought to Los Angeles works like Bardo Thodol, Parturition, Shoshin and the ongoing Das Gericht— is a collective of interdisciplinary artists dedicated to creating immersive experiences that tap into universal human emotions. The mission in all their work, regardless of form or medium, is to place the individual within universal human experiences that speak to larger cultural or social issues, and thereby ask the individual to consider their responsibility and place within the larger whole. Their work often challenges the individual to find empathy and connection to others’ conditions through their own inner reflection, exploring the spaces between art, technology, interconnectivity, and the self.


F I W W L H will run at MonkSpace located at 4414 W. 2nd Street in Los Angeles (Koreatown) on March 25th and 26th. Specific arrival instructions will be emailed to participants shortly after point of sale. This will be a journey audience members undertake alone and individual tickets will be made available every 5 minutes throughout performance hours.


Screenshot Productions would like to advise potential attendees that this is not a horror experience, however there will be physical contact and moments of complete darkness. Attendees will be required to sign a waiver before entering and should alert Screenshot Productions of any physical limitations or health-related concerns before attending.


Tickets for F I W W L H are available now at


Fear is What We Learned Here takes place between 12PM-4PM on March 25th and 26th. Tickets are $50.




Twitter: @screenshotart

Facebook: Screenshot Productions



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