Complexity: Convolution, Intricacy,Vaguity

I am not entire sure what a mortgage backed security is, but I know it has something to do with the economic crash of 07′. When you talk to finance people they seem to agreed that the causes of the crash are pretty complex. It is interesting to me that capitalism itself is a pretty simple idea,but what we have now is not pure capitalism. It is something else, something nuanced and abstracted from the original economic ideology. This new system could be described as many things but it is most certainly a departure from the original idea.

We need these types of innovations to continue to survive in a world that is constantly in motion. Matter itself is constantly deconstructing, changing forms of energy and making our universe more and more difficult to navigate. What is interesting is that we also become more intelligent and able to handle this complexity. But this doesn’t always happen in perfect timing. Sometimes we get ahead of the complexity and the fruits of this surplus innovation is technology.

Other times we fall behind it and succumb to a chaotic scramble to catch up. In these cases our fears and weaknesses are heightened and the darker parts of humanity are revealed.  What we see is often a distortion of our original values amidst so much change. When this occurs we see subtle shifts move into greater distortion until, sometimes we can hardly recognize our original intent.

The same is true for aesthetics, images become blurred at the edges and our reference points in fashion and art become harder to distinguish. This month we will discuss this vaguity of source and how it influences the decisions we make moving forward.


I hope you will stick with us as we explore,




Maceo Paisley,
Founder, Citizens Of Culture



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