Rigor: Pettyness, Detail, Intolerance

Nothing in the modern world has been created without great care and attention to detail. Whether the intricate weavings of a waterproof wicker basket or the complicated web of transistors that make up a computer board each has very specific parameters that allow it to function. The same is true for our social system as well. We are living in a world that has been built to sustain ever increasing levels of complexity. This has resulted in systems that are more rigid and intolerant to variation.

This is, in part, what makes civilization, as we call it, so impressive. But it is this same prescriptive attention to detail that has made the social order so fragile and unadaptive. This month we are going to be taking a look at the conditions that uphold modernity from the technological sense, and the social order. We will ask questions about the validity of law and order, hierarchy, and mobility.

Along the way, we hope to reveal insights as to the reasonable support of politics that seek to reduce social fluidity and diversity for the sake of simplicity. An analysis of political conservatism, and its appeal will allow us to both understand and challenge the ideals of those who prefer separation to unity.

This investigation will no doubt force us to ask personal questions of ourselves as well. Digging in to the nature of our own pettyness and rigid principle that might seem good and well in the moment but could be creating long term harm or stifling progress. In the same moment we must ask ourselves how intolerant of our own mistakes and shortcomings in order to do better and at what point it serves only to tear us down.

Historically we have so many examples of authoritarianism, but also visionary leadership that create conditions of austerity or strict rule. It will be important to make distinctions between a much needed period of discipline and fascism, if there is to be a distinction made at all. America’s war on drugs was a particularly aggressive campaign to rid the streets of illegal narcotics, but there is argument to be had about whether or not it was effective. Across the globe, we can look to North Korea and their strict media policies and how the citizens react. Interpersonally we can observe the nature of monogamy in romantic relationships, and the real costs of this type of arrangement.

We hope you will join us both here and social media for the conversation around these critical topics.

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