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I find ironic that we are so focused on New Year’s Resolution at the beginning of the year. When we think of resolve, it harkens ideas of closure. But in January of every year we are doing anything but settling things, we are rustling them up. It is time for us to make good on all that nervous energy and set our intentions for the year. This is why the focus, to me should be on the end of the year when it comes to resolutions.

We had all of 2017 to accomplish the goals we set then, and now we must move on. We must put those old issues to bed, we must start a new, we have got to let the past be the past for the sake of the now. There is a lot of baggage we may want to carry into this year, things that make our environment familiar, but all that is familiar is not good. There is a subtle but important difference between comfort and safety. One, it would do us well to recognize.

So this month we are focusing on the end of the year instead of the beginning. While everyone it trying to have the perfect take off, we are sticking to the runway for a few extra seconds to make sure we nail the landing. Because even though we call it a resolution, as it points to the goals we would like to close out the year with. Accomplishing those goals really means that we need to be setting a new year’s intention so that the resolution is possible.

So this month we will be looking at how to cope with the things that happened we have no control over. Perhaps these are the feelings of others or circumstances we found ourself in. It may seem counterproductive to look back, but that is where the lessons are. It takes closing the chapter to be able to read it in 20/20.

For entertainment’s sake we have compiled a list of incredible music and invite everyone to check out the 4th Annual Deffery Awards. Our 2017 year in music review by music director and DJ, Def sound covers albums, videos, singles and gives highs and lows to the years greatest projects.

We will also be looking into the different ways we can take the insights from 2017 and apply them in fruitful ways to the current year. We would be correct in assuming it is unhelpful to look back, without continuing to move forward!


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