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Khalehla Rixon

About Khalehla Rixon

Khalehla is very bad at writing her own biography and always thinks about the fact that people write these biographies in third person. When Khalehla reads said biographies she often sighs, "I know you wrote this." Khalehla is a writer, producer, performer, and artist who currently lives in Los Angeles, California. She is 1/2 of the bitch faced female comedy duo behind Boy Drama Productions. The other bitch face is Cait Raft. She is currently working on many projects, including the random acts of kindness collective, #LoveAlways, with Natalie Patterson and has too many ideas to hold in her brain. She'd like to write for television soon, so if you can get her a job, do that. She doesn't like wine as much as the picture above suggests, but if you ever happen to buy her a bottle, she prefers moscato d'asti. She loves anything and anyone who can make her laugh. She falls in love daily. If you give her cheese she will probably marry you, if she hasn't already married herself.

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