Breakup With Your Ego & Love Yourself

Negative thoughts and self-doubt haunt us all; even the most positive people. We’re human. We deal with these thoughts on an everyday basis.  For whatever reason, the unwanted thoughts come in and try to stop us from reaching our highest potential.  This is exactly why I started the #30daysselflove challenge.

 My theory: “If I can change how I treat myself, and stop the negative chatter in my head then I can change my life.”  But how do we do this? There is this little thing on our shoulders that I am going to call our “ego” that usually doesn’t like to go away.  The first step in beating our ego and its negative chatter is to acknowledge that it is there. Say hello, get acquainted with that voice, and say thank you for how useful it is when needed. Then ask it to PLEASE be quiet when it’s not needed. Seems simple right? Hardly.

What I’ve found works is taking time every single day to acknowledge myself and say three powerful words: I LOVE YOU. That alone has helped me shift my consciousness into a more loving state of mind.

On top of that, it helps to say affirmations, such as “you are worth it,” “you are perfect just as you are,” and, one of my favorites, “I am enough.” Doing this daily and recording it has completely changed my life.  I am more confident. I have less anxiety. I have more loving relationships and I truly started accepting myself as is.  In order for me to change my life on the outside I had to start within.

Realizing that the outer world is just an out-picturing of what we’re feeling inside is an important part of beating our egos.  If we treat ourselves better we can be happier and the rest of our lives will be too!

Since I created the #30Daysselflove challenge and practice positive thinking on a daily basis, I now take complete responsibility for everything in my life and am aware of my intentions. I ask myself all the time “is this coming from a place of love or is this my friend on my right shoulder (ego) trying to chime in?”

Since sharing this with the world on social media, many others have taken on the challenge too. A man named Tim Miller, for instance, couldn’t record his first two videos in the light because he couldn’t stand to look at himself.  After telling himself he loved himself on a daily basis, and recording it, his confidence grew, his book sales doubled and he is genuinely a happier person.

A woman by the name of Amanda Hughes did the same and is now taking steps to make her dreams come true and is living life for herself no one else. These aren’t the only people. Numerous people have started the challenge over and made this a daily practice VS only 30 days.

It’s amazing to witness the positive change happening in the world through the eyes of people taking the #30DaysSelfLove challenge. If you want to see for yourself, head over to or watch my original video here:

 Just remember,  “You, yourself, as much as anybody else in the entire universe, deserve, your love and affection”.-Buddha