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Body Language is about  tapping into your creative core through movement. There are no rules, just move. Even if you aren’t moving.

In this program we define dance as aesthetic resistance to gravity. It is not about choreography, or any particular form or way of moving. Dance is about using the body and movement to express yourself.

Work through your movement, and find comfort in your skin.

We simply wish to find harmony with the music in our own way without the social obstructions we find in the club environment and the limitations of “teaching studios”.

You’ll work with Maceo Paisley, former army sergeant, professional dancer, and olympic fencing hopeful. He knows how to move. A few things you will cover:

  • the basics of breathing
  • body position
  • finding rhythm
  • movement aptitude
  • improvisation

By the end, we would hope that you would feel as confident as this woman.


Every 3rd wednesday at SHLTR

1610 W 7th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90017

email: for more information.

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