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Trying to navigate healthy eating can take some skill, information and practice. We’re serving you up all those things right here.

Budget Hungry – Healthy Eating Workshop

– Course Description:


For some people it is their lack of time, for other people it is a lack of knowledge, but whatever reason you are holding on to that keeps you from changing what you put in your body, money should not be one of them.

Pitch, Please is a healthy eating learning group that provides an opportunity to improve your diet and how you shop for food within your existing budget. Participants will identify complimentary foods, outline their diet according to their tastes, recognize obstacles to changing their eating habits, and create a personal road map that allows you to enjoy eating and shopping for healthy options.

In this workshop we learn:

  • How to recognize food that is good and good for you.
  • How to change the way we think about eating.
  • How to incorporate this new perspective into daily life
  • How to be more intentional with the things we put in our body.

About ORCHESTRA Livelihood Workshops:

By gathering leaders in the professional space who are currently living in their work we are able to deliver practical guidance that is relevant to today’s professional climate.


2hrs from 7:30a-9:30p

Course Facilitator:

Naivasha is a a creative producer, fitness enthusiast, and publisher of UNDO-ORDINARY well-ness magazine for creatives. She’s been facilitating fitness events, meal planning, and shopping for her own groceries for year.s


Doors: 7pm

Nous Tous Gallery
943 N Broadway st
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(behind Bruce Lee statue next to Grand Star Jazz Club)

Sign-Up for Budget Hungry Plus for one-on-one meal planning and dietary consulting sessions.

We also run an Educational Partner Program that augments or substitutes this professional program as a general communications course for individuals to employ in their social life.

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 Budget Hungry. + 1 on 1 (4) Sessions
Budget Hungry. + 1 on 1 (4) Sessions


If you are interested in taking this class but can not afford the full tuition, consider  setting your own price via the donation button below and emailing us to share a little but about yourself.