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Are you a starving artist? Ask yourself ‘Why?’.

The idea of starving artist  has become a popular notion in our culture. So to, has the notion that we have to choose  between doing what makes us truly happy and paying our bills or making a lively hood.

These ideas are not ingrained in the life of an artist nor a creator. We must re-evaluate what we define as art, and its relation to commerce.

You do NOT have to compromise your  principles to be a successful creative.

BUY IN  is a private training workshop that helps you reveal your path to sustaining a livelihood by converting your creative capital.
You will answer questions and perform exercises that will challenge the way you see your work and what you stand to gain from it.

By digging into this thought process you will gain an understanding of exactly what needs to be done and how much financial benefit you can expect to reap from your creative endeavors.

This workshop is created  to blend the world of art and commerce in a way that  shows the business of being a creative.

Don’t get caught in the rain without an umbrella.

Don’t sell out, BUY IN.


by appointment:


Topics include:

Effects of demand on Creativity
Assigning value to your ability.
Networking VS. Relationship Building
Finding work
Marketing and Communication
Favors, Friends, and Philanthropy
Achieving Growth, When to raise costs.
Profit and Loss
Personal Management (Discipline)
Weekly, Annual and Daily Scheduling
Skill Acquisition (Try  it or Hire It)


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