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7-10 pm April 28, 2018
439 Gin Ling Way, Chinatown Los Angeles



Image if we asked people to illustrate how much they valued their VALUES? We have so many social problems that seem so big, but how much are we really investing in solutions? We can’t buy our way out of social issues, but behavioral psychology tells us that we are more likely to follow through with our personal commitments if we have some financial skin in the game. We are more likely to go to the gym if we are paying a personal trainer, we are more likely to quit swearing if there is a little “swear jar” in our homes.

We are going to apply this approach to getting people to invest in solutions to some of the most important issues of our time as a social experiment that asks us to confront how much we think a better world is worth. Is gender equality worth $25 to you? Is social justice worth $75? Is Environmental Protection around climate change simply too expensive for us to afford? We are asking people not only to think about how the choices they make on a daily basis are reflections of them “voting with their dollar” we are going to ask them to priotize their spending in these different arenas with their own money.

This social experiment will show us where our true passions lie in social innovation and the proceeds from this events will help the non profit Citizens Of Culture in their work in fueling the conversations around each of these social impact areas. Social innovation and collaborative problem solving needed more than ever, but before are able to soar to new heights we have to start on common ground.

What To Expect:
If you are reading this you have signaled in some way that you are in support of moving society forward in positive ways. Just, like a signal on the road, it communicates an indication to move, so now we are asking you do make a move.

Come and enjoy each of the artist prompts that will inspire your thinking on of these crucial social issues

  • Technological Unemployment
  • Racial  Justice
  • Digital Divide/ Net Neutrality
  • Housing Development/Gentrification
  • Immigration

  • Gender Equity
  • Religion and Belief Systems
  • Environmental Impact/Climate Change
  • Capitalism vs. Socialism
  • Fake News/ Political Polarization

Then participate in the auction to see how much you can afford, or are interested in supporting the values you believe in. It will be a stark look at the cost of social change and how equipped and motivated we are to see it followed through.

Funds raised will support Citizens Of Cultures public programming in each of these specific areas, based on the funding amounts that each category receives.

Can wait to see you!