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“It’s elementary my dear Watson. No, wait, its actually preschool.” – Orchestra Life Studio

Innovation Practice – 2.5hr session – $75
Friday, March 30th, 730pm


– Course Description:

This workshop asks, what can we learn from a Preschool teacher about innovation & creativity? We will work in small cohorts to explore ideas and solution-making in an environment that is completely designed to foster creativity. Silverlake Center for Creativity is an early childhood education program that utilizes a Reggio approach to experiential learning that is student-focused and driven by relationships.

We have adopted this teaching style to take a human-centered design approach to tackling some business and social challenges that will reignite the boundless creativity that we accessed as children in an environment that is geared towards producing business leadership insights.

Class size will be limited to 6 as space is limited and we would like to model classroom conditions as closely as possible.

In this workshop we practice:

  • How to practice dynamic thinking
  • How to manage diverse interpersonal needs in groups
  • How to practice using pro-social language
  • How to foster collaborate environments

About ORCHESTRA  Life Studio:

Bringing together the expertise of psychologist, global perspectives on sociology, philosophy economics, and culture, and draws upon Citizens Of Culture’s unique ability to cultivate vibrant emotional and intellectual spaces for learning and sharing, our workshops will help you craft new habits and perspectives to guide your life.



Lead Facilitator:

Alua Arthur is a lawyer, end of life consultant, and specialist in death midwifery. She consults and supports families preparing for, and experiencing loss through her practice Going With Grace.  They create comprehensive end of life plans that are suited to an individual’s unique humanhood—a true expression of their life and the experiences they cherish.

7:30p    Doors Open
8:00p    Session Begins
9:00p    Break
10:00p  Session Ends

Silverlake Center for Creativity Preschool
1239 N Commonwealth Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90029

Sign-Up for Grief Practice plus for one-on-one counseling sessions with Alua in addition to the course.

We also run an Educational Partner Program that provides grief counseling program taught in public and charter schools for youth, and college age students.

 Innovation Practice Cohort
Innovation Practice Cohort

If you are interested in taking this class but can not afford the full tuition, financing and pay-what-you-can options are available.