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Meditation is not a means to an end. It is both the means and the end.    – Jiddu Krishnamurti

We are in a culture of staying busy, our screens are always within fingers’ reach in constant communication with the world. Unplugging for even minutes every day to cultivate a mindfulness or meditation practice can reap huge benefits – better sleep, less stress, memory boosts, mindful eating, anger management. But, the idea of starting a meditation or mindfulness practice on your own can feel overwhelming.  This class will help you build your own practice with others who are on the same journey for 3 weeks. Meeting with your cohort creates an opportunity to process your experience/ success/difficulty in meditating, as well as, participate in lead meditation.


The course will be led my Nadia Alvares, LMFT *

About Nadia.
Nadia Alvarez is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She earned her Bachelors in Psychology and Masters in Clinical Psychology from California State University, Fullerton. Nadia’s area of focus in her masters program was negative mood regulation through self-efficacy: learning to believe you will feel better, will actually help you feel better! When she is not working with clients, she is teaching psychology courses at California State University, Fullerton.\







  • The basics of mindfulness meditation
    • Intro to mindfulness
    • How to get started
    • Mindful breath
  • Working through emotions that arise
    • Allowing/Letting Be
    • Staying present
  • Dealing with intrusive Thoughts
    • Thoughts are not facts
    • How to observe and not engage
  • Cultivating gratitude, kindness, joy & compassion
    • Bringing mindfulness into all aspects of your life
  • How mindfulness can support relationships
    • Better communication
    • Respond instead of reacting
  • Supportive cohort to develop your personal mindfulness practice

Nous Tous Gallery

Chinatown Central Plaza
454b Jung Jing Rd, Los Angeles CA 90012

Time: Tuesdays
7:30pm -9:00pm

September: 9/25

October: 10/2, 10/9

RSVP: Spaces Are Limited


*This is a meditation work shop that happens to be lead by a therapist, while the group may offer some release and therapeutic comfort, it is not designed to be a substitute for a specialized care program.