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We all have a story to tell.

NuRoots Narrative – $499/ea

6 hrs of training from 9:00a-4:00p (flexible schedule)

Course Description:

Somewhere in between aimless chatter, and transactional salesman ship is the art of storytelling. It requires that you keep the listener engaged, know where you are going with the tale, and tell it like it is the first time, no matter how many times you have told the story before. It is public speaking, and it is theater, but in the context of business it is outcome driven.

Culture is built on stories so the power shift culture rests on the ability to craft a compelling narrative. Whether engaging with potential collaborators or inspire participation in your programs we need to be able to deliver a message that conveys not only information but meaning to get them excited about what you are excited about.

This is course will get you out of your seat and into action. You will move your body, loosen up, applying techniques from the world of performance art coupled with writing exercises and a design thinking method that is impact oriented.


What you’ll practice:

  • Identifying stake holders (audience)
  • Introducing your work and mission.
  • Personalizing why the work is important.
  • Clearly communicate the opportunity.
  • Finding your own words. (Tone, Style)
  • Designing story for relevance and impact.

What you’ll get:

  • Cultivated skill set to create impact through story
  • Session notes, PDF of presentation materials
  • Adaptable story to share with stake holders
  • Feedback from experienced communicators



Course Facilitators:

Maceo Paisley is a performance artist, events producer, who runs a volunteer based gallery in Chinatown Los Angeles. His artists background includes dance, spoken word, and essay writing. Professionally he has a background in marketing and consumer insights, with a focus on behavioral economics. As founder of Citizens Of Culture, he oversees all programs, education, branding, and of course storytelling.

Julie Wolfson is a freelance journalist and arts educator who has spent many years in theater as a director, producer, teacher and mentor. Her writing has been published in the Los Angeles Times, HOW Magazine, LALA, Angeleno, The Henry Ford Museum Magazine, Cool Hunting, and many other culinary, design, and lifestyle publications.


9:00a     1st Session
12:00p   Lunch Break
1:00p     2nd Session
4:00p    Session Ends
*Snacks + water will be available during course

Nous Tous Gallery
454b Jung Jing rd,
Los Angeles Ca 90012

 NuRoots Narrative
NuRoots Narrative

We also offer Life Skills Training that augments or substitutes this professional program as a relationship communications course for individuals to employ in their social life.