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A life skills academy by Citizens Of Culture.

We support the development of critical thinking and emotional intelligence for more clarity and fulfillment in stride towards an equitable future.


Workshops For A High Quality Of Life

In school we are taught how to read and write, but we are not taught how to communicate. We are taught anatomy and sexual education, but we are not taught about healthy relationships. In college we are given degrees in complex subjects, but our higher education never includes how to know ourselves.

These gaps in education have created a void that leads us to learn our lessons the hard way. For much of life there are more than one right answer and Orchestra Life Studio is art-based curriculum for critical thinking, emotional intelligence, designed to help you find those answers for your life and work with practices that build better habits.

Orchestra helps you:

  • Identify what type of person you are in a given context.
  • Clarify the social conditions you live through.
  • Determine what kind of person you want to be.
  • Develop a personal practice to become that person.

Learning style:

Our classes are group learning based sessions designed to not only help you reflect on your own assumptions and reference contemporary culture to orient yourself within an intentional learning community.

Classes are organized in small cohort so that we form relationships in the sessions that can exist beyond the duration of the courses.

Each course is modified to fit the most ideal learning environment with clear objectives and a safe space for open communication and curiosity.

We are open to all levels of education and walks of life.

Classes are offered for a flat 25$ per session unless otherwise noted. If you are unable to afford this price because of financial hardship we may be able to grant a concession for other contribution to the organization.

We also run an Educational Partner Program that augments the curriculum offered by Elementary schools, Universities, Conferences, and Corporate Professional Development Programs.