We’re co-hosting the world’s largest pizza party!

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What is Clubhouse?

For those who haven’t heard, Clubhouse is a new audio-based social network for iOS (let me know directly if you are on Android we can get you on), where people around the world come together to talk, listen, and learn from each other in real-time. It’s like a hybrid live podcast and group call.

What is Pizza Party?

Pizza Party is a 3-day Clubhouse based extravaganza to answer this question through rigorous inquiry, play, and friendly conversation.

There will be 20 sessions across the themes of Decentralized Reality, Listening As A Superpower, and of course The Big Question Of Pineapple that take the shape of talks, discussions, games and other experimental ways of using the app.

About Citizens Of Culture

Citizens of Culture is a community of artists and thinkers that exist off Clubhouse but has grown to be the 5th largest philosophy club on the app with 24,000 followers, hosted by Maceo Paisley a prominent Clubhouse creator with 80,000+ followers respectively.


[one_half_last padding=”0 15px 0 15px”]Join us May 22,2021
6pm EST

Course Facilitator: Audrey has worked as cultural producer and community organizer bringing together diverse groups of people to engage in the most important critical discussions facing society today.

7:15p    Doors Open
7:30p    Session Begins
8:30p    Break
10:30p  Session Ends

Clubhouse app ( Download required)


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